AFX Review: FX-120 “Air Pump” Helmet


“Burn” and Rick K. have written a long review of the new AFX helmet. One which “includes inflatable cheek pads and the liner around the top of the head also inflates with an air pump in the rear of the helmet.”

Priced at $150, while considering your safety on a motorcycle scooters or the family ATV.

Their Conclusion?

“The new AFX FX-120 squeezes about as much value as could be expected for the street price of $134.95 (solids).

“We’re not convinced the addition of an air pump system is worthwhile, however. Given a choice (a moot point), we’d prefer to have the investment in the air pump system instead used for improving the face shield optical quality and fit, adding a chin curtain that blocked air and noise and improving the fit of the cheek pads and liner.

“Who knows — AFX could have then had a low-priced helmet that really would be a viable alternative to something costing twice as much or more…”

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Two Wheels Rule


Adventure Motorcycling Handbook

Adventure Motorcycling Handbook released: 6th Edition

For a review of this new edition, check out WebBikeWorld.

Then follow his tips with a motor scooter of your own from Two Wheels Rule.

Sales should soon rebound for low cost scooters and their popularity will raise demand. Your prices for motor scooters and ATVs are still low.

Chinese Motorcycle

Analysis of 2012 Chinese Motorcycle Industry

By David McMullan, International Editor ChinaMotor Magazine

Friday, February 22, 2013

“The state of the Chinese Motorcycle industry in 2012 was described dramatically by the Chinese government as ‘walking on thin ice, and in great difficulty’. The market was dismal, sales were falling, and motorcycle output and sales were slumping; motorcycle sales in some areas of China experienced declines of up to 50% year on year, setting an historic low.

“According to CAAM statistics, the output and sales of the Chinese motorcycle industry (including export) between January and October were 19.505 million units and 19.5772 million units, down 11.94% and 11.86% year-on-year respectively. The output and sales of two-wheeled motorcycles were 17.5872 million units and 17.6607 million units, down 12.99% and 12.94% year-on-year. The output and sales of motor-tricycles were 1.9178 million units and 1.9165 million units, down 0.96% and 0.43% from 2011.”

Sales should soon rebound for low cost scooters and ATV and popularity will raise demand. Hopefully prices for motor scooters and ATVs don’t climb too much.

New Honda Scooters for Sale

Honda today unveiled the CTX700N "naked" bike and the CTX700 motorcycle equipped with a cowl at the International Motorcycle Show in Chicago as the first motorcycles utilizing Honda’s new CTX (Comfort Technology Experience) concept. Some wonder whether these are motorcycles or motor scooters.

These are the first models of the CTX Series to bring the "Comfort Technology Experience".

See more here…

AMA News and Notes February 2013

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